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Want to know the best way to reach your ideal buyers? Explore our useful FAQs all about our property development marketing services, social media, and 3D visuals. See how it works, how we work, and why our campaigns work!

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About TrueSite

Who is TrueSite?

We are a social media and digital marketing agency for property developers. Our residential developer clients achieve faster sales, better quality leads, and quicker sell-out through our creative and highly targeted social media campaigns that build their brand and match homes with the right buyers. Learn more about us here.

What property development marketing services do you offer?

We are a full-service agency. We offer everyday social media management [LINK to business page] where we set up, create, and run your social media accounts. And tactical, targeted campaigns for your new projects, which can include marketing collateral such as landing pages, 360 virtual tours, 3D real-time renders, and more.

We use the same technology as top gaming and movie studios, to create virtual, interactive replicas of your properties that wow buyers. Book a discovery session with our team and we will give you a tour of what we do! Call us on (02) 9188 0853 to arrange.

What types of property developers do you work with?

We work with property developers of all sizes to boost brand awareness and off-the-plan sales through social and digital media. Our clients range from boutique builders to large-scale residential property developers.

How much do your property development marketing services cost?

Our fees are transparent and start from $1,000 a month for everyday social media management and from $2,000 a month for tactical project marketing, excluding your social media ad spend and required visuals. Just contact us for a no-obligation, inclusive quote that meets your business needs on (02) 9188 0853.

Are we locked into a contract when we use TrueSite?

For everyday social media management, there is no fixed contract. However, to get the most from your new project launch campaigns these need to run for a length of time – on average around six months – to optimise campaign results and maximise ROI.

Book a free, no-obligation discovery session with our team and we will give you an overview of the results you can expect to achieve – call us on (02) 9188 0853, email or send us an online enquiry here.

We have an in-house marketing team – why do we need TrueSite?

Over 80% of Australians are active on social media – but many property developers do not have the resource, data insights, or expertise to properly tap into all these potential buyers. Just having a social media account is not enough – you need to be actively engaged and post exciting, compelling content to draw people in.

We manage and develop your social media presence so that your audiences – buyers, investors, and stakeholders – know exactly who you are, what your vision is, your build quality, and why you are their ideal developer.

Whilst our tailored project campaigns for your new developments are all about targeting your specific buyer groups so that the right buyers see the right properties – leading to quicker sales, qualified leads, and great ROI from your social media spend.

Most of this is outside the function of many in-house marketing teams, which is why so many developers are choosing to invest in social media with TrueSite.

We already use and Domain – why do we need TrueSite?

Although listing websites like and Domain are a passive source of visibility and leads, it is a very crowded market with hefty competition from other developers.

We take a different road for your unbuilt homes – we proactively seek your ideal buyers with our social campaigns, taking your properties and projects directly to the right buying audience. All campaigns are tracked and measured so you can instantly see your results.

Why not book a no-obligation discovery session with our team on (02) 9188 0853 or to see how we can boost sales and lead generation for your next project? You can also send us an enquiry here.

Social media services FAQs

How long does it take to see results from my social media campaigns?

Leads will start to come in within a short space of time once your campaign starts. As campaign optimisation progresses, you will see even more qualified leads and results. We are happy to show you what we can achieve – just contact our team to find out more on (02) 9188 0853, or send us an online enquiry here.

How are my social media results reported?
You can access and track your social media results 24/7 through your personal TrueSite dashboard. This intuitive dashboard is your centralised online hub for all your campaigns and social media posts. On your dashboard you can upload content, check your social media calendar, scheduled posts, social media reports, and chat with our team in just a few clicks.
How do we market unbuilt property on social media?

Marketing unbuilt property on social media is challenging if you are not a social media expert. You are selling something that does not exist, you only have a matter of seconds to capture attention, and even then, the right person must see it. This is where TrueSite excels.

We target your specific buyer ‘personas’ with scroll-stopping visuals and messaging, in the right way, on the right channel, at the right time. Whether that’s videos on TikTok or sponsored Instagram and Facebook content, it’s a very insightful, data-driven process that revolves around your audiences’ wants and needs. Head to our social media for projects page to learn more about how it works.

Do we need pay-per-click or promoted content as well as regular posts?

If you have partnered with us for everyday social media management, you do not need a social media advertising budget for pay-per-click (PPC) or promoted content, unless you want to invest – we will advise the best way forward to achieve your objectives.

For tactical new build project social media campaigns, a social media budget is essential. It is the only way to effectively reach your buyer personas because it puts your properties directly in their social media feed. We will advise how much you need to spend and where, for your campaign to achieve the results you are looking for.

How much should we be spending on promoted/paid content?

We usually advise that as a minimum, your advertising budget should match what you are spending with us on the development and management of your campaign. Remember, the more you spend on social media advertising, the more widespread your campaign and the more buyers see your properties – it’s as simple as that.

The trick is to know where best to invest your spend so that it gets maximum ROI, leads, and sales results – which is where we come in.

What type of content do we need for a social media campaign?

On social media, visual content is king – especially videos. Studies show we retain 95% of a video’s message compared to just 10% of text. So you need to have striking, engaging visual content ready to go – 3D renders, stunning images, and short-form videos.

If your visuals are lacking that ‘wow’ factor, talk to us about our visualisation services. We can create fully interactive, virtual reality versions of your properties so that buyers can truly get a feel for life in their future homes.

Architectural visualisation services FAQs

What visual services do you offer?

We offer real-time 3D rendering for your development projects. Using the same advanced technology as gaming and movie studios, we produce a lifelike virtual replica of a finished property that buyers can fully interact with. From that, we can then generate additional marketing material, including high-quality still images, video animations, virtual reality experiences, touchscreen walkthroughs, and mobile and web virtual tours. Experience it for yourself here.

What is real-time 3D rendering?

Real-time 3D rendering offers buyers immersive, fully interactive virtual versions of your properties, that they can explore, experience, and move through in real-time. We use Unreal Engine for our real-time 3D production – the same software that is used by movie and AAA video game studios. This means we can achieve incredible lifelike quality and functionality – buyers can experience your home from multiple angles.

What hardware do I need for real-time 3D rendering?

For content such as still images, videos, 360-degree mobile, and web tours, you do not need any special hardware. Your buyers will be able to view and stream interactive content via their web browser on a mobile, laptop, or smart device.

For full, virtual reality experiences and touchscreen walkthroughs, a dedicated computer with a powerful graphics card is required, as well as a touchscreen and/or a virtual reality headset. We can set you up with all the equipment you need – contact us to find out more on (02) 9188 0853,, or send us an online enquiry here.

What features does real-time 3D rendering have?

It is a fully interactive environment – the only limit is your imagination! Walk through a virtual reality apartment; customise and change interior colours/materials in real-time through a touch or click; and take high-res photos that you can instantly email to buyers. Take a look here!

How much does real-time 3D rendering cost?

Real-time 3D rendering is far more cost-effective than traditional image generation – and it is a much more exciting experience! It allows you to create unlimited images and generate video animation at minimal cost, compared to standard renders which are typically around $3k per image, and videos that can be as much as $500 per second.

We have our own photography and visuals – can we use those?

Photography and existing visuals can be embedded into our real-time 3D models. We can embed drone images into your real-time 3D virtual apartment for example, so that buyers can experience the views from their apartment balcony long before it has been built. Talk to our team on (02) 8239 6500 to explore the possibilities!